Welcome to Eighth Wonder. By using this website, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions of use. This sets out our relationship with you in relation to this website. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, please do not use our website.

The term ‘Eighth Wonder’ or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owner of the website, Saint Cierge Ltd, whose registered office is c/- PKF Poutsma Lemon Ltd, 16 Williams Rd, Paihia. The term ‘you’ refers to the user or viewer of our website.

The term “you” and “your” is the person who books the package with Eighth Wonder, arranges payment and receives our invoice and any other documentation relating to the package booked with us.


The following lays out the terms and conditions in regards to our dealings with you.

Your contract is with Saint Cierge Ltd, trading as Eighth Wonder, c/- PKF Poutsma Lemon Ltd, 16 Williams Rd, Paihia.

All bookings are subject to product availability, and may not be available at all times.

By the time a booking is made we will have entered into considerable communication with you in order to finalise all details, which are then confirmed with you before we finalise the booking. It is your responsibility to check that names of all in your party are the same as that in the relevant passport, and that all dates and timings are correct. It is imperative that you check all details and confirm, or inform us immediately of any discrepancies or errors. Should this not occur, or there is an unreasonable delay in notifying any discrepancies or errors, we will not be responsible for any additional charges that may result due to alterations that may have to be made to your booking.

A contract is only entered into once we have sent you a written confirmation via email or letter, and this will occur only after we have received payment from you and funds have been cleared. The payment may be a deposit, or the full price.

In making the booking you acknowledge that you have the authority to bind all members of your party to these terms and conditions of booking.

We undertake to keep private all information you disclose to us during the process of making a booking, and we will only pass on details where absolutely necessary, such as to those persons engaged in the provision of your travel arrangements, or relevant suppliers, or as required by law such as customs or immigration.


Before we create the initial itinerary we take a payment of $1,000.00 NZD. This is taken off the first deposit on confirmation of booking. If you do not travel this acts as the itinerary creation fee and is non refundable. 

A deposit will be required on all bookings. This deposit varies depending upon the date the booking is made and the particular product booked; deposits will be confirmed at time of booking. Full payment of the outstanding amount is due 90 days prior to the intended departure date. In all cases, in order to make a booking, a deposit will be required. The amount of deposit varies depending on the nature of your trip and will be confirmed to you before you book. 

Payment for your experience can be made by cheque, bank transfer, debit or credit card. Payment is not deemed to have been made until we are in receipt of cleared funds. Should payment be made via a credit card, we reserve the right to pass on the appropriate bank processing charge of 3%.

Should the balance remain unpaid within the twelve weeks of the intended departure date, travel documentation will not be issued and we will reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled. In these cases cancellation charges will be incurred.

Prices quoted are based on daily currency conversion rates. All payments taken on debit or credit card will be taken in NZ Dollars and any subsequent exchange rates that are applied will be specified by your card provider – as such we are unable to guarantee the exact amount that will be paid in your local currency. If you are a customer whose payment card is not denominated in NZD, the final price will be calculated in accordance with the applicable exchange rate on the day your card issuer processes the transaction.


It is a condition of booking with Eighth Wonder, that you take out an appropriate and comprehensive travel insurance policy. We will not be responsible for any costs incurred by you or any member of your party before, during or after your experience as a consequence of inappropriate or insufficient travel insurance being purchased. Please check with us for details of insurance providers if you do not already have cover in place.


It is your responsibility to deal with all issues relating to passport, visa and health requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure that you and your party hold all necessary travel documents/visas in advance of travel. It will also be your responsibility to ensure that you and all members of your party will be able to comply with all health requirements for the destination concerned. Eighth Wonder does not accept liability if you or any member of your party is refused entry onto any transport or into any country due to failure on your/their part to carry correct documentation or to comply with relevant health requirements.


Amendments: Any amendment request must be conveyed to us in writing. We will do our best to make amendments to your travel but cannot guarantee that all amendments are possible.

Further charges (whether made by us or our suppliers) that result from such amendment may be passed on, and you are responsible for these additional charges. Amendments notified less than eight weeks prior to the date of departure may be treated as a cancellation and cancellation charges may be made.

In exceptional circumstances, if you or any member of your party is unable to travel, you may request to the transfer your/their booking to another person. This is subject to our prior approval and is not always possible. In case of transfer to another person we reserve the right to charge an administration fee of $200 per change, in addition to any charges that may be applied by the suppliers of the products. Please note that scheduled airlines usually apply 100% cancellation charges and will not permit name changes or other booking alterations to be made. If circumstances occur where bookings may need to be altered, please contact our staff as early as possible; they will notify you of the applicable charges.

Where you, the person booking the travel, is the one who is unable to travel, you must provide us with the name of another person in your party who is to resume your responsibilities.

You may cancel your travel arrangements at any time, and the cancellation will take effect from the date that we receive written notification of cancellation from you. This may be by email, on the understanding that you agree and accept that where you are shown as the sender of the email, we will be entitled to assume that such email has been sent by you. Please notify us prior to cancellation if this is not acceptable to you.

All cancellations of bookings are subject to cancellation charges. These may be applied by us and/or the suppliers of the various products.

If you cancel more than twelve weeks before your intended departure date, the amount is the $1,000.00 NZD payment that was charged before the first itinerary. If cancellation is made within twelve weeks of departure the charges incurred are generally the amount of your deposit; in some cases, depending upon the product it could be more. If the cancellation charge exceeds the deposit, you will be issued with an additional invoice and payment is due immediately. Charges for cancellation within twelve weeks of intended departure is variable and dependent upon travel itineraries. Please request confirmation of the amount of any cancellation charge before cancellation.

The closer to departure date that the cancellation is made, generally the more the cancellation charge is, and in some cases may be up to the total price of your booking. You may be able to claim some or all of the cancellation charges from your insurance provider. Where cancellation results in a refund, payment will be made to you as the contracting member of your party, (or a substitute should we have been advised of such).


(a) Amendment
It is occasionally necessary for us to make changes to booked arrangements as described in Clause 5 above. In exceptional circumstances, we may have to change your experience arrangements after your booking has been confirmed. If the change is minor, we will do our best to notify you in advance of departure but we are not obliged to do so and no compensation will be payable. If the change is material (including, but not limited to, a change of flight time by more than 12 hours, change of experience destination or change of accommodation to one with a lower official rating), we will notify you as soon as practically possible and offer you the choice of (i) accepting alternative arrangements; (ii) arranging an alternative experience with us; or (iii) cancelling your experience. Regardless of the option you choose, we will pay you compensation for material changes as set out in the table below, unless such change has been caused by Force Majeure or insufficient bookings:
No. of calendar days notice prior to date of departure Compensation per person (excluding infants):
More than 70 days Nil 69 – 43 days $20 42 – 28 days $40 27 -14 days $60 Less than 14 days $80

(b) Amendments during the experience
If we are unable to provide a significant proportion of your experience whilst you are away, suitable alternative arrangements will be made for you at no extra cost or, you will be given the option to return to your point of departure (subject to flight/transport availability) and given a pro-rata/proportionate refund for any part of the experience not received. This does not apply to minor changes in your accommodation, itinerary or transportation arrangements.

(c) Cancellation
Whilst we hope we will never have to cancel your experience, this is very occasionally necessary and we reserve the right to do so. We will do our best to offer alternative arrangements of a comparable or better standard with any appropriate refund, or will give you a full and prompt refund of the experience price.

(d) Force majeure
Compensation will not be payable in any cases where an amendment, change or cancellation is due to an unusual or unforeseeable event or circumstance beyond our reasonable control (’Force Majeure’). Such events include, but are not limited to, war, threat of war, riot, civil disturbance or strife, terrorist activity (actual or threatened), industrial disputes, technical or maintenance problems with transport, machinery or equipment, power failure, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, flood, drought, adverse weather conditions, levels of water in rivers, acts of god, closure of airports, changes of schedules or operational decisions of transport providers.

(e) Travel delays
We have included in many of our experiences the services of major international airlines and whilst these airlines’ flights are rarely subject to lengthy delays, there are occasions when such delays do occur. We cannot accept responsibility for such events and do not provide for meals, overnight accommodation or any other costs resulting from such delays.


All advertised prices or prices quoted by our staff before booking confirmation are for guidance only and may be subject to change prior to the booking being confirmed. We reserve the right to increase (surcharge) the price of your experience after your booking has been made. Such price increases will be limited to those resulting from increases in transportation costs (including fuel and airfares), dues, taxes, GST, fees chargeable for services (including landing taxes and embarkation and disembarkation and security fees at airports), Government action or exchange rate variation. In the event that a surcharge increases the price of your experience by 10% or more, you may cancel your experience and receive a full refund. We will, in any event, absorb the first 2% of any price increase, and no surcharges will be made within 30 days of departure. As we have a diverse range of products purchased at different times, we will inform you of the purchasing exchange rate if any surcharge is due to adverse currency fluctuation.


We will use all reasonable skill and care in our selection of the parties involved in the preparation and supply of your trip. Please remember that standards vary depending upon the destination you chose. We undertake the following responsibilities in connection with your experience:(a) To pay reasonable compensation (subject to (c) below) if the product or service supplied to you is not of the standard described or contracted for by you, apart from in cases where such sub-standard product or service results from an event that we and/or the suppliers of the experience components, could neither foresee nor prevent, even with all due care. This compensation will be limited (except in the case of death, illness, injury and lost/delayed baggage) to no more than twice the price of your experience; (b) We accept no liability to you for (i) any circumstance arising from fault on your part or the part of any member of your party, (ii) any circumstance arising from fault on the part of someone not connected with the provision of the booked experience and/or its various components, (iii) any circumstance which arises due to unusual or unexpected circumstances beyond our reasonable control which could not have been avoided, or (iv) any circumstance which arises due to an event which we or the supplier of any service could not anticipate, expect or reasonably prevent; and, (c) any acceptance of liability is subject to you agreeing to assign to us your rights against any third party responsible for the events leading to your claim and to you affording us all necessary assistance in pursuing that claim.
In all cases, and where appropriate, our liability to you and your party is limited in accordance with, and as if we were a hotel, airline or other transportation provider governed by various international conventions. This limitation of liability applies to claims for, but not limited to, death, injury, illness, and loss, damage, delay in the transportation of luggage and personal belongings. In all cases our liability will be limited also in accordance with the relevant supplier’s conditions of carriage, copies of which will be provided upon request.


In the unlikely event that you have an issue with our service, please let us or our representatives know at the earliest possible time so that we may endeavour to rectify it. Any complaints that have been unresolved in this manner must be notified to us in writing within thirty days of your return. Failure to adhere to this timeframe affects our ability to investigate your complaint and your right to compensation may be reduced or lost.

Any illness or injury resulting from an incident connected with a particular component of your trip should be brought to the attention of the local supplier immediately. You will see the name and address plus contact details in any confirmation documents we send you. We will of course assist you with this if you wish – please contact your Sales Consultant.


Whilst we will do everything in our powers and endeavour to comply with your special requests for such things as airline seating and dietary requirements etc we cannot guarantee that it is possible for us to comply with those requests. We will work closely with the relevant suppliers to ensure these are special requests are met if at all possible but will not be liable for any loss suffered in the event of such requests not being met.


It is unusual that major events or sporting fixture are cancelled however where this does occur we accept no responsibility to refund or compensate where changes to an event are made for reasons beyond our control. Any refund obtained will be passed on to you.


This contract is governed by New Zealand Law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand.


Your tickets, itinerary and information regarding your experience will be sent to you approximately 4 weeks prior to departure either by post and e mail. Once documents leave our offices we will not be responsible for their loss unless such loss is due to our negligence.